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About Us

Becoming a mum for the first time sure does change life. Not having much knowledge about healthy eating led me on a search to find the best foods for pregnancy and for breastfeeding nutrition. I was shocked to find how wrong my diet was. I also learnt of the devastating effect (GMO's) Genetically Modified foods has on child development.

After meeting some wonderful Naturopaths and doing my own extensive research throughout my pregnancy, I found exactly where I was going wrong and learnt that understanding food allows you to understand what is good for you. After completely changing my diet to organic wholefoods and unprocessed foods, I felt fresh and energetic and can keep up with my even more energetic organic toddler.

The problem I found was that the desire to be healthy and follow an organic diet came with a cost. Searching high and low for organics without the associated costs led me to disappointment. This led me to the start of Organics on a Budget, where wanting the best for yourself and your families health doesn’t have to clash with the grocery budget. Take a browse around and enjoy the educational quotes as well as the budget tips and deals in our newsletter.

Don’t know where to start with Organics? Just hop onto ‘contact us’ and send us your queries and we'll be happy to guide you with an organic starter list of essentials. All our products are 100% Quality, No due-to-expire-soon items.

Organics on a Budget!

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Two must watch short YouTube videos.

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