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Shop Now. Pay Later. Interest Free.


The Healthy Living Scholarship from Organics on a Budget is dedicated to students who are studying health, nutrition, medicine or any other health related faculty subject to help finance their studies and ease the financial burden.

The recipient(s) will receive a cash amount of AUD $2000 to support those who plan to give back to the health of others in the future, when they need help now!

Our ambition is to create an eBook of all of the submissions we get for this awesome scholarship, and in turn give you some exposure for your career in health and something awesome to put on your CV!

For entry, you must be studying at an approved institution anywhere in the world and be able to prove your enrolment with a recent transcript showcasing the most recent session of study completed.

To enter, you must send a recipe of a healthy eating recipe - of any meal - to It should take into account the following:

  1. Cost effectiveness - students are doing it tough these days!
  2. Healthy - we’re interested in how to take health seriously, and sometimes that can be expensive, which plays on the above point.
  3. Creativity - whether it be in the name, design, ingredients….
  4. Presentation

As stated, all of the entries will be put into an eBook that you will be cited in. Don’t forget to inclide your name, place of residence, university, blog, instagram, or any other details that you would like us to include. It should also have a relatively high quality photo of the meal when it’s completed.

Upon entering, your submission can be anonymous, but we would like to include a photo of you and as much information as possible. The eBook will be completely free as well and tailored to students.

Entries must be in before December, 2015.

Be as creative as possible - we’re looking for something awesome to share with our audience!

Good luck, happy cooking, and good health!

Thank you,

Organics on a Budget Management.