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Thankfully Nourished Monk Fruit Concentrate Caramel 35ml

Thankfully Nourished Monk Fruit Concentrate Caramel 35ml

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Thankfully Nourished

Monk Fruit Concentrate is a super sweet, 100% natural liquid that is perfect for sweetening beverages without sugar!

Monk fruit is a small sub-tropical melon that has a naturally sweet flavour that comes directly from the mogrosides (antioxidants) in the fruit, not from fructose or sucrose. It therefore has zero calories, zero carbs and zero glycemic index!Monk fruit is grown in orchards nestled amongst the pristine mountains of Southern China where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. According to legend, monk fruit is named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated the fruit nearly 800 years ago.

Swathed in sunlight, the non-GMO vine-ripened fruit is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness each fall. It is then crushed, infused in hot water and then filtered. This juice is then concentrated to bring you Monk Fruit Concentrate, used beautifully to add a sweet flavour to food and beverages such as tea, coffee, homemade lemonade and plain yoghurt. In baking, it works best when combined with a natural sugar alcohol such as erythritol.

Thankfully, our Monk Fruit Concentrate:

  • Has just two natural ingredients - Monk Fruit Concentrate and natural caramel flavour (derived from caramelised sugar)
  • Has a delightful and concentrated sweetness
  • Perfect for adding a sweet flavour to beverages and desserts without spiking your blood sugar
  • Super concentrated with 115 serves per bottle!
  • Doesn’t raise blood sugar or feed candida yeast
  • Has zero carbs and zero glycemic index
  • Is gluten, dairy and soy free


100% Monk Fruit Concentrate (Siraitia grosvenorii), natural caramel flavour

Key Benefits:

  • Has a unique sweet flavour
  • Virtually free from calories
  • Doesn't raise blood sugar
  • Doesn't feed candida yeast