Abode Baby Laundry Liquid Fragrance Free 1L

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Abode Healthy Home Baby Laundry Liquid is formulated as baby's have different skin to adults and chemicals in laundry products are a common cause of skin irritation and eczema in children however it is not just fragrances that are the problem.

Detergents like cocamidopropyl betaine also referred to as coco betaine (used in many laundry products marketed as natural) and sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate are skin irritants.

The Abode Baby range has been specifically formulated from the ground up for infants and children with sensitive skin.

They are free from fragrances, enzymes, optical brighteners and harsh detergents and works effectively to clean their clothes whilst being gentle on their skin. Ingredients you can trust.


Water, Soda Ash, Sodium Citrate (Food Grade), Sodium Coco Sulphate, Baking Soda (Food Grade), Alkylpolyglucosides, Sodium Lactate (Food Grade), Lipid Layer Enhancers and Glycine Extracts (Amino Acids).

Key Benefits:

  • All Natural
  • GMO Free
  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • Top & Front Loader
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grey Water & Septic Safe
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Not Certified Organic

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