Flora Remedia Roll On Uplifting Treatment 10ml

Flora Remedia Roll On Uplifting Treatment 10ml

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Flora Remedia base their products around the healing properties found in nature, using a range of essential oils to provide a modern, convenient and effective solution to a range of mind related problems we all face everyday.

The Uplifting Treatment is soothing and centering, balancing towards moods. Particularly uplifting and energizing.Rich, warm, strong, chai scent.

Directions: Roll on your pulse points as often as needed: inner wrists, temples and behind ears. 

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (non scented), Sweet Orange essential oil, Clove Leaf essential oil, Fennel Sweet essential oil, Cinnamon Bark essential oil, Cardamom essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil, Olive, Hornbeam

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