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Luvin Life Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3 kg

Luvin Life Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3 kg

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Luvin Life

Luvin’ Life Himalayan salt lamps are incredibly popular not just because they make a beautiful addition to any space, but also due to their reported health benefits.

The high concentration of trace minerals in Himalayan salt gives the lamps their orange/pink colour. Salt lamps produce an ambient light that adds warmth and character to any space, whether placed in the home, workplace, classroom or practitioner’s studio.

Himalayan salt lamps also function as air purifiers, due to the hygroscopic nature of salt – that is, they attract moisture. The air in your living environment consists of water vapour which carries with it allergens, dust, pollen, smoke and bacteria. As your Himalayan salt lamp draws moisture from the air, the heat generated by the bulb will cause this moisture to evaporate eliminating these impurities from the surrounding environment.

This process of moisture evaporation also produces negative ions. As air pollutants like allergens, dust, pollen, smoke and bacteria, as well as electro-magnetic pollutants created by electronic equipment, consist of positively charged ions, increasing the number of negative ions in your living environment aids in neutralising the harmful effects of such pollutants.

Packed safely in a beautiful colour print box, shelf/ giftbox ready.

Each box contains:

One natural Himalayan salt lamp with polished acacia wood base
Australian Standard Power Cord & BONUS Four 10w clear bulbs separately packaged
Instructional Leaflet