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MINGLE Natural Seasoning Blend Smokey (Sass) - 50g

MINGLE Natural Seasoning Blend Smokey (Sass) - 50g

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Sass likes to keep it hot at the BBQ or the grill. It’s where she can work her magic. Her unique earthy and smokey flavour is what she is known for. Sass has a full-bodied flavour so when she mingles with any meats or veggies you will definitely know that she is there. But hey, why be subtle when you can be bold and memorable?


Onion, Smoked Paprika, Cinnamon, All Spice, Garlic, Thyme, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Coriander Powder.

Key Benefits:

  • All Natural
  • Low Sodium
  • No MSG
  • No Nasties