Hello Cup

The Hello Cup Hello Liners Reusable Liners - 3 Pack

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Hello comfort and hello freshness! Hello reusable panty liners are a washable and reusable alternative to disposable panty liners, made from organic Indian cotton and absorbent bamboo with a waterproof layer to protect from leaks. They are slimline and great to wear as a backup or 'last layer of defence' while wearing a menstrual cup or tampon, on light flow days or for everyday freshness.

Each Hello Liner holds 2 tablespoons of fluid and has wings that snap around your underwear to hold it securely in place (we recommend wearing them with cotton underwear to avoid any slipping). When not in use, the wings snap around the liner to make it company and easy to store.

This pack contains 3 reusable panty liners - 1 x blush, 1 x turquoise and 1 x navy.

What's in them?

Each Hello Liner contains:

Top Layer: 100% organic Indian cotton. This cotton layer is moisture-wicking, breathable and easy-care. This is the printed side that sits against your body.

Absorbent Layer: 100% organic bamboo fleece.

Waterproof Layer: to ensure the moisture held in the core stays there and doesn't leak.

Backing Fabric: 100% organic Indian cotton. This is the block colour (non-printed) side that sits against your underwear.

Liner measurements:
Length from top to bottom – 170-175mm
Length from wing to wing – 155mm
Width across middle excluding the wings – 70mm

Hello Liners are handmade with love in an organic, fair-trade, family-run factory in India.

Care Instructions:
We recommend washing Hello Liners in cold water with a mild detergent, either in the machine or by hand, and then line dry.