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A. Vogel Biosnacky Keimgerat Greenhouse Seed Sprouter (Mini)
A. Vogel Biosnacky Keimgerat Greenhouse Seed Sprouter (Mini)

A. Vogel Biosnacky Keimgerat Greenhouse Seed Sprouter (Mini)

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A. Vogel

Bring the freshness of a greenhouse into your very own kitchen!

This seed sprouter is made from environmentally friendly acrylic. It boasts three trays for the germination of seeds, a tray for collecting water used to irrigate your seeds and a lid. The unique 3 tiered function allows you to harvest a new 'crop' every 2-3 days ensuring your greenhouse is always in supply of fresh sprouts for your every need! Better still, you can harvest them in a matter of days.

Directions for Use:

The bioSnacky Glass Sprouter comprises of

1.    one flat lid - This ensures a consistently damp environment and protects seedlings from dust and other harmful external influences.

2.    three seed trays - Large, transparent seed trays enable you to cultivate up to three different types of seeds as the same time. Or, if you prefer, you may harvest continually by staggering the sowing of seeds.

3.    unique ventilation slits - 3 ventilation slits in each seed tray and in the lid ensure that metabolic gases are completely discharged.

4.    three red drainage syphons - These special drainage syphons ensure a steady flow of water through the sprouter and a constant level of moisture.

5.    one water tray (base) - After seeds have been watered, all surplus water is collected in the water tray at the base of the sprouter

The entire unit ensemble measures 20.5cm in diameter and 15 cm in height.

Each seed tray is 4 cm in height.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly acrylic glass (specially recommended for foodstuffs)
  • Dishwasher-safe to a temperature of approx, 85C
  • Contains no cadmium or formaldehyde
  • Optimum light exposure and air circulation due to the transparent round seed trays with ventilation slits