Frequency H2O

Frequency H2O Alkaline Spring Water Love 600ml x 12 Bottles (SYD ONLY)

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Comes in a box of 12 bottles

H2O is a fusion of science and art – a hydrating beverage like no other on the planet which harnesses the incredible natural alchemy of energised molecules in order to promote health, balance and harmony.

Alive with the pulsations of the universe, Frequency H2O is an Australian premium natural spring water sourced from a protected aquifer in remote Northern Queensland which, unlike most bottled water, is filtered naturally. Containing a rare abundance of minerals and naturally alkaline at pH8, Frequency H2O is so pure in essence, it requires no purification.

More than just a natural mineral water, Frequency H2O is a synthesis of wisdom and evolution, as it is put through a trade secret two-stage kinetic energy process and infused with a blend of ancient solfeggio and scientific frequencies. This gives Frequency H2O a noticeable texture, softness and ultra-hydrating taste, feel and effect, among other compelling wellness benefits.

It is our belief we have created the ultimate elixir of life, and the most dynamic beverage in the universe.

  • Alkaline spring water infused with the frequency of LOVE
  • A remarkable natural alkalinity of 8.25pH
  • Very precious water is then put through a two-stage kinetic energy process
  • Frequency H2O source it requires no micro purification
  • Serve cold for maximum refreshment