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Hilde Hemmes Herbal's Hawthorn 1000mg 60vc

Hilde Hemmes Herbal's Hawthorn 1000mg 60vc

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Hilde Hemmes

Hawthorn has been considered invaluable for centuries, as it is one of the best heart tonics. Today, as many people become concerned about their heart health, hawthorn should not be overlooked.

Taken regularly, hawthorn helps to improve heart health function, maintain a healthy heart, and optimise cardiovascular and circulatory systems to perform at their peak. Claims for this western herbal medicine are based on traditional use.


Each capsule contains standardised extract equivalent to dried Crataegus monogyna herb top flowering 1 g (1000 mg) equivalent to vitexin-2-rhamnoside 6.66 mg.

Direction: Adults and children over 12 years only can take one capsule two to three times daily. Use only as directed. For best results take for at least 6 weeks. There are no restrictions on duration of use.