Marco Polo's Treasures

Marco Polo's Treasures Incense Sticks Vanilla- 10 Pack

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Marco Polo's Treasures is a line of handmade incense that is truly natural and pure and is certified by ECOCERT.

Marco Polo's Treasures Pure Natural Incense Sticks are made with Love and Natural ingredients -  precious woods, resins, aromatic herbs and spices.

The major ingredients in the paste originate in the pristine Indian jungle. The resins come from the arid desert territories of India, Arabia, and Africa and are hand picked by nomadic tribes.


Honey, Coconut Charcoal Powder, Machilus Macranta Gum, Ailanthus Malabarica Gum, Ailanthus Malabarica Powder, Vanilla Planifolia Powder, Styrax Benzoin Powder, Cardamomum Powder, Cardamomum Oil.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Precious Woods
  • Resins
  • Aromatic Herbs & Spices

    Certified by ECOCERT.