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The Family Hub Organics Vegan Food Wraps - Kitchen Set 4 Pack

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Want to reduce waste and find a sustainable and eco-friendly replacement for plastics wraps that are also vegan friendly? The Family Hub Organics have answered with their new vegan food wrap range.

Handmade in WA using pure vegetable wax, organic jojoba oil and ethically grown and harvested food grade tree gum. *Pine Resin is not used.

Reusable, Washable, Compostable. Lasts 12 months+ with proper care.

This pack is perfect for all kinds of uses. 

Kichen Set Includes:

1 x Small Wrap - 17 x 17cm
1 x Medium Wrap - 23 x 23cm
1 x Large Wrap - 30 x 30cm
1 x Extra Large Wrap - 40 x 40cm

Note: Designs vary.


Candelilla Wax, Food Grade Tree Gum, Jojoba Oil.