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Eye Shadow

Buy Organic Eyeshadow Online Today

Everything we put into our eyes is absorbed into the body. Many popular eyeshadows contain chemicals and heavy metals that can build up in your body. Most health conscious people know to avoid eyeshadows containing these chemicals and heavy metals by reading the label but even some products claiming to be natural or organic can contain irritating or harmful ingredients like Mica and Titanium Dioxide particles which can build up in your lungs over time. Other irritating ingredients found in eyeshadows such as parabens contain hormones that are often linked to cancer and many times these harmful particles and chemicals are not visibly listed on products. Finding a makeup retailer who uses ingredients you can trust is important.

We stock only the best in organic eyeshadow with a focus on brands that are safe for sensitive eyes and contain no allergens. As such the products are perfect for contact lens wearers too. Using only organic ingredients these eye shadows contain no GMOs, lanolin derivatives and are completely lead free. None of the products in our inventory are tested on animals and are all suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

At Organics on a Budget, we sell organic eyeshadow online at affordable prices and provide access to affordable organics to support our belief in living healthy on a budget. For several years Organics on a Budget has provided affordable organic eyeshadow online in an expensive industry, we are bringing healthy to mainstream so that everyone can afford to buy no matter what their budget.

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