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That Red House Organic Soapberries

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Can you ima­gine a fruit which is actu­ally a deter­gent? Soapnuts or soapberries have been used in India for cen­tur­ies as a ver­sat­ile and gentle clean­ing agent. It not only washes and cleanses, it is also com­pletely nat­ural and envir­on­ment­ally friendly at the same time. Soapnuts grow on trees and con­tain a nat­ural sub­stance called saon­ins, which, when dis­solved in water, cre­ate mild suds. This soapy sub­stance has remark­able deter­gent prop­er­ties, eas­ily repla­cing nor­mal deter­gents. It works effect­ively by remov­ing dirt and dis­solv­ing oils from clothes and other surfaces.

Key Benefits:

  • Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Completely Natural
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
Certified Organic Soapberries
Certified by USDA