The Last Straw - A Move In the Right Direction

The Last Straw - A Move In the Right Direction

Jun 07, 2018Catherine M

Single use plastic has had one of the most negative impacts on our environment in the modern age. We are flooded with single use plastic in so many aspects of our life, particularly in our food and drink consumption. Plastic straws in particular account for over 10 million pieces of plastic in Australia's landfill every, single day!

Around 8 million tonnes of plastic went into the ocean in 2010, according to the most comprehensive study of plastic pollution so far.
The international study calculated that 192 nations produced a total of 275 million tonnes of plastic waste.

The very nature of plastic and what made it so popular is that it is strong and durable, lasting a long time. While that may sound ideal for our use, stop to think about that durability and inability to break down and the impact it is having on our oceans and land. Our oceans are filled with plastic waste that is eaten by marine life and affecting the sensitive ecosystem our oceans need to survive optimally.

An analysis of waters around Australia found on average there were around 4,000 microplastic fragments per square kilometre, although some hotspots had concentrations of around 15,000 to 23,000.

The Good News?

This week supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths have announced their commitment to reduce their plastic packaging throughout their stores Australia wide. Woolworths in particular said it will stop selling plastic straws by the end of 2018, which is music to our ears!

 Advocacy groups such as 'The Last Straw' have been lobbying for these bans for a number of years.

Not only is the ban on plastic straws beneficial to our environment, it is also great news for our health! Most plastic straws contains polypropylene and BPA, otherwise known as Bisphenol A, which can leach chemicals into the liquid you are consuming.

This ban has created a push for consumers to have more reusable options available to them on the market, including stainless steel and bamboo straws which are not only environmentally friendly, but also much friendlier on our pockets too!

We've been on board the no plastic train for years, and who wouldn't be with the amazing range of reusable straws such as Ever Eco available to us on the market these days. These straws not only look amazing (they even have Rose Gold coloured straws!), but they're easy to clean with brushes in their packs. Staying environmentally conscious and on trend has never been more affordable or easier!

And on that note, I'm keen for a banana smoothie, with my sustainable straw being the cherry on the top!

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