What colour should dried apricots be?

What colour should dried apricots be?

Dec 12, 2017Catherine M

Did you know that naturally dried apricots are supposed to be brown in colour? The bright orange ones contain sulphur dioxide making them look pretty but don't do pretty things on the inside of your body! 
The picture on the right without sulphur dioxide is the only dried apricots you will see us stocking because chemicals are the last things we need to be adding to our body on top of the chemicals we are exposed to daily like pollution! There's only so much our bodies can handle. If you're a fan of dried fruits always opt for organic or atleast sulphur free.

What's so bad about Sulphur Dioxide?

Sulphur Dioxide is a chemical compound first used in wines and progressed over time to be predominantly in dried fruits to preserve its colour and shelf life. If you take a close look at regular dried fruit, some actually state that it contains sulphur dioxide as it is known to be linked to a small percentage of reactions such as asthma attacks, pulmonary oedema. difficulty breathing and eye irritation.

Now living in a time where allergies and intolerance's are at extremely high levels, the safest bet would be to limit as many chemicals as we can, especially if we have a choice to prevent them. Many kids love dried fruit due to its intense sweet flavour therefore it's definitely worth checking the dried fruit in your pantry to ensure they don't contain any nasties and if you're looking for a chemical free solution, keep reading on as we have an solution for you

Its' taken us a while to score some pretty decent pricing on chemical free dried fruit that won't require a loan to afford! Well what about if we can offer you sulphur free apricots for the same if not less than the bright fake looking ones? Yep, we did it- AND over 40% off too! Due to this being such a great deal we can only source 200kg at a time so if you want to try them out don't procastinate! BUY NOW

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