Why YOU need bone broth in your diet!

Why YOU need bone broth in your diet!

Dec 21, 2017Catherine M


If you've spent any time scrolling through your social media pages lately, I'm sure you have come across a multitude of bone broth posts. This amazing elixir is more then just the trendy new food craze. It's packed full of minerals that support our immune system, as well as vital healing compounds such a collagen. It is also highly praised for it's amazing guy healing benefits.

It's important not to get 'Bone Broth' confused with your run-of-the-mill stock! The two may taste similar, but they are worlds apart when it comes to your gut health and overall well being. 

Bone broth is made by simmering the bones for over 72 hours, which allows the marrow to be cooked down and all the minerals to be released. The essential minerals are all but missing from our modern diets, as we no longer consume the entire animal as we once did in our ancestors days. This is where bone broth steps in. It gives us a tasty and efficient way to consume these essential vitamins and minerals.

Now, I know what you're thinking! Who has a spare 72 hours lying around waiting for some broth to be cooked up. I know I don't. I've got work, school pick ups, groceries. soccer games and swimming lessons to attend to, all before I can even think about dinner.

That's what makes the modern powdered bone broths so amazing! Traditionally you just add a teaspoon of the powdered broth to some boiling water and enjoy. I personally love adding to any of my sauces, particularly bolognaise, in place of stock! It gives it a wonderful flavour, and my kids are way more likely to consume it like this!

Someone else has done all the hard work for us and now consuming some vitamin and mineral enriched bone broth is as easy as making a cup of tea! It's genius!!

Our favourite brand is the Nesproteins, which are all Australian made, 100% grass fed, Kosher, GMO free and Gluten Free. They are available in 3 flavours, Original Paleo, Hearty Beef and Tumeric and Black Pepper, and each pack comes with a whopping 33 servings, making it an affordable natural medicine for the whole family, while still enjoying a delicious depth of flavour!

We are currently running a limited time special on Nesproteins! You can save 20% off the entire bone broth range, bringing the price down to just $24.95!

Do yourself a favour and try them out today! I'd love to hear ways that you incorporate bone broth into your every day diet! Click here to buy now!


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