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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 454g

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 454g

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Organics on a Budget

Dubbed as the world's most powerful facial, this healing clay has amazing cleansing benefits due to the healing properties of bentonite clay for a deep pore cleansing facial.

The bentonite clay has been sun dried meaning no chemicals in the manufacturing process. It contains no fragrances, no additives and no animal testing or animal ingredients so its suitable for vegetarians and vegans too!

Suitable for men too!


100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay


Mix equal parts with raw apple cider vinegar

Mix to form a paste using a non-metal utensil and bowl

Apply to face and let it dry (It will feel extremely tight)

Leave for 5-10 minutes (for sensitive skin leave for 5 mins)

Remove by washing with warm water (some redness may appear but should disappear after 20 minutes)

Discontinue if irritation occurs.