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Cabot Health Magnesium Complete 100 Tablets

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Magnesium is an amazing mineral, involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Magnesium is required for energy production, muscle and nerve function, blood pressure regulation, bone strength and much more. Magnesium is so vital for maintaining overall health. Modern day diets can tend to be deficient in magnesium due to poor mineral content in the soil and food processing. This is where a good quality magnesium supplement could come in handy, to support these vital processes in the body.
What makes Cabot Health's magnesium so unique and superior to other brands?
They have combined 4 different forms of magnesium in this formula to optimise absorption and utilisation by the body. They have excluded magnesium oxide from our formula as it is poorly absorbed and can have a laxative effect.
They come in small, round, easy to swallow tablets.
It is free from calcium. Magnesium helps the muscles relax, whilst calcium has the opposite effect (contraction). This is not what you want when you are trying to relax!

The benefits of Magnesium Complete:

Reduced stress and anxiety: Magnesium helps to relax and calm the nervous system. Stress depletes magnesium stores in the body, making us more susceptible to stress, through a vicious cycle of stress and magnesium depletion.

Headache / migraine management: Several studies have reported that magnesium supplementation can help to relieve headaches or migraines by reducing blood vessel constriction and spasms in you


  • Adults: 2-4 tablets daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Magnesium orotate dihydrate (equiv. to elemental magnesium 12.8 mg) 200 mg
Magnesium gluconate dihydrate (equiv. to elemental magnesium 5 mg) 92.76 mg
Magnesium amino acid chelate (equiv. to elemental magnesium 55mg) 275 mg
Magnesium phosphate (equiv. to elemental magnesium 23.76 mg) 115 mg
Total elemental magnesium per tablet 97 mg

Key Benefits

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly