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ECO. Modern Essentials Essential Oil Dilution Neroli (3%) in Jojoba 10ml

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A powerful floral fragrance, Neroli (3%) Essential Oil is highly regenerating, helping to prevent scarring and promoting beautiful, smooth skin.

Neroli (3%) Essential Oil uses and benefits:

Skin & Hair: Regenerates skin cells. Therefore, helps prevent ugly scar tissue and promotes smoother and brighter skin. Good for pigmentation.

Body: It helps insomnia, and as one of the essential oils with the most sedative effects is useful for treating depression, anxiety and shock and is also effective in calming heart palpitations, treating headaches, neuralgia and vertigo. It can be used for intestinal spasms, colitis and diarrhea.

Mind & Emotions: Relaxing and relieves chronic anxiety, depression, fear, shock and stress and its calming effect can also be beneficial to the digestive tract.


Citrus aurantium var. amara (neroli) oil in jojoba base