Fulhealth Zinc Colloid Concentrate 500ml

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Fulhealth Industries Zinc Colloid is a concentrated and pure zinc that's been suspended in distilled water. An essential mineral, zinc promotes hundreds of enzymatic processes in the body and, as an antioxidant nutrient, aids in protein synthesis and wound healing. It is a vital mineral for the development of the reproductive organs and neurological function. Unfortunately, zinc is quite deficient in Australian soil and as such many people today suffer from various ailments that can be linked directly to zinc deficiencies in the body.


• Boosts Immunity

• Stimulates White Blood Cell Function

• Decreases The Severity and Duration of Colds

• Improves Collagen Production

• Stimulates Wound Healing

• Aids Prevention of Bone Loss

• Regulates and Controls Testosterone

• Improves Fertility In Men and Women

• Contributes To Good Prostrate Health

• Improves Sense of Smell and Taste

• Treats Acne

Serving suggestion:

Take one teaspoon (5ml) of Fulhealth Zinc Colloid in a glass of juice or water with or after meals on a full stomach. One teaspoon delivers 25mg of elemental Zinc. Refrigerate after opening. 


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.


Store in a cool, dry environment, not in direct sunlight.


Zinc Gluconate: 41,360mg/L, eq. Elemental Zinc: 5,000mg/L, Highly Filtered Pure Water, Alcohol.