Rose Hip Vital

Rose Hip Vital Arthritis Pain Relief Powder 125g

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Rose-Hip Vital™ (Rosa Canina L), is the only product in Australia which tests for the patented compound Galactolipid (GOPO®), and is backed by over 30 clinical and scientific trials unique to Rose-Hip Vital. Sourced from 100% pure and natural rosehips for the symptomatic relief of the pain of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), the product is shown to be well tolerated by all users.

Long recognised as a powerful antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory, its efficacy is as a result of the unique patented drying process which activates GOPO® (glycoside of mono and diglycerol). In Australia, tens of thousands of users report significant pain relief as well as improvement in joint mobility.

GOPO® is the key compound of the Rosehips used in Rose-Hip Vital, (Rosa Canina) and the active compound which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. GOPO® was discovered seven years ago in Denmark and significant levels can only be obtained if the Rosehips are dried using a special patented process unique to Rose-Hip Vital. Research indicates that (GOPO®) discourages large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating in the joint to break the vicious cycle of joint inflammation, thereby alleviating the pain.


- Temporarily relieve the pain of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Rheumatism
- Increase joint mobility
- Relieve inflammation & joint swelling
- Improve Osteoarthritis symptoms in the hands
- Improve sleep when affected by joint discomfort
- Improve the symptoms of lower back pain


- The only product which tests for the patented compound Galactolipid (GOPO®)
- Scientifically tested and studied
- 100% natural rosehip
- Natural source of Vitamin C
- Shown to be well tolerated
- Does not contain shellfish
- Is non-allergen
- Free from yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy & lactose
- Contains No GMO ingredients
- Powder form is suitable for vegetarians

Rose-Hip Vital™ is available in Powder or Capsule form.

Dosage Capsule: 5 capsules (2.5g) twice daily for 3 weeks with meals.
Maintenance dosage – 5 capsules per day with meals. Each capsule contains Rosa canina L (rosehip) fruit powder 500mg containing Galactolipid (GOPO®)

Dosage Powder: 1 scoop included (2.5g) twice daily for 3 weeks with meals.
Maintenance dosage – 1 scoop included (2.5g) per day with meals. Sprinkle recommended dosage over cereal, salad, in juice or even over a smoothie. Each scoop contains 2.5g Rosa canina L (rosehip) fruit powder containing Galactolipid (GOPO®).

Key Benefits:

  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Not Certified Organic