We The Wild Plant Care

We The Wild Plant Care Organic Essential Plant Care Value Trio (Helps Plants Love You Back) Pack

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Introducing the best value way to grow thriving plants with We the Wild.  With enough of our plant goodness to keep 40-100 plants lush and healthy throughout the season, it's the perfect Spring starter!  


Includes: Protect 1.25L + Grow 750ML + Support 1.25KG [Protect and Grow bottles not included]


All of our essentials work well on their own, but even better together. You can combine all 3 without burning or overdosing your plants.

  1. Dig Support into your soil to grow strong roots.
  2. Spray your leaves with Protect Spray for leaf health and shine.
  3. Use Grow Concentrate 3 out of 4 times you water for fast growth