Homemade Cherry Ripe


     Cherry ripe was my brother’s childhood favourite treat which he completely stopped a few years ago since switching to an additive free diet. The other day I asked him what food he missed and would like made in a healthier way and of course he said cherry ripe! 

I tried searching the net for cherry ripe recipes but all required condensed milk and we don't need the kids bouncing off the walls high on sugar so I thought I can do this one on my own. I took the plunge and attempted it and the feedback from my big bro was that it was "incredibly close" wohoo success!

I shared a photo of it on instagram and Facebook and was asked for the recipe but the tricky thing was I didn't write down what I did, so it was my duty to remake it in order to get a recipe written up (what a pity!) The recipe uses just a handful of ingredients and makes approx14 bars.

Homemade Cherry Ripe

Loaf Tin (I used a silicone loaf style pan 23cm x 14cm)

200g Dark Chocolate drops

20g Butter

100g Desiccated Coconut

65g Dried Cherries

1tsp Alcohol Free Vanilla Extract

50g Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp Cherry Red Natural Food Colouring

10g Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Step 1

Place 100g dark chocolate drops and 10g butter into thermomix bowl and set to 50degrees/ Speed 1/ 3 mins

(stop halfway and push unmelted chocolate drops down, this may need to be done twice throughout the 3 mins)

Place into loaf tin and spread to make an even layer (if not using a silicone style loaf pan- you might need to line it for easy removal)

Pop into fridge to set for a couple of hours (mine was set within 2 hours- I was impatient!)


Step 2

Place desiccated coconut, dried cherries, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cherry red food colouring, and coconut oil into bowl. 

Mix 15sec/ speed 5

Place on top of chocolate layer (ensure chocolate is set otherwise it will not be proper layers of chocolate and coconut)

Press firmly into tin and pop back into fridge to keep cool whilst making the top layer of chocolate.


Step 3- Top layer chocolate

Repeat Step 1 of making the chocolate again and spread over coconut mixture and pop back into fridge for as long as you can wait (I left mine 3 hours)

Cut into slices carefully to try not to crack the chocolate and there you have it completely organic, additive free, soy free cherry ripe!


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