Quick & Easy Chocolate Crackles!

Quick & Easy Chocolate Crackles!

Sep 13, 2014Suzie A

Today we spent the day out and about in this lovely Spring weather. We got home and whipped up a quick dinner and now craving a sweet treat, but I was just too tired for baking a cake and making something complicated.

It had to be quick, yummy and free of nasty additives.I pulled a few ingredients out from my pantry and whipped up the quickest chocolate crackles ever!

Chocolate Crackles (Thermomix- can easily be made over stovetop)

100g salted butter or unsalted (I prefer salted for the added depth of flavour)

180g Organic Times Dark Chocolate Drops

85g Nature`s Path Envirokidz Organic Chocolate Koala Crisp


Place butter and dark chocolate drops in thermomix and set to 60 degrees/ Speed 1-2 / 5 mins

Add crispy rice and set to reverse/ speed 1/ 20 sec

Spoon into muffin tray with 12 Large Baking Cups  inserted and press down a little as each tablespoon is added.

Sprinke over with Hopper's 100'S and 1000's or chia seeds for some sneaky goodness!

Pop into the fridge for 1-2 hours.

These can easily be make by melting chocolate and butter over a stove and stirring through crispy rice.

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